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At Elite Pest Management Services, we take our job of protecting your family and property very seriously. To that end, we have garnered decades of experience and education so we can stay at the leading edge of pest control technology. Treatment proceedures vary from region to region; what may have worked where you used to live might be less effective in North Alabama. We take pride in our ability to offer you the best pest management service available today. Contact us for details!

Award Winning Products & Services

Pest Control Services - Elite Pest Management Services offers full-service pest control for residential, commercial and industrial applications. We're your complete pest control company offering immediate solutions for:

  • Residential - We can protect your home, family & pets with complete confidence.
  • Commercial - Choosing the right pest control company is a critical decison.
  • Industrial - From Storage and distribution to manufacuring we can fill your particular needs.

Floor Supports - If you have sagging floors and cracks in the walls, you can benefit from floor supports. During a floor support inspection we can determine if your existing floor support is adequate or if you should consider a floor support system.

Moisture Barriers - The installation of a moisture barrier and proper foundation ventilation are important to preserving the wood foundation and subflooring of your home.

Automatic Foundation Vents - You'll never have to worry about remembering to open or close your foundation vents again! Not only are our Temp-Vents attractive, they provide a valuable service that will save you time and money.

Discounts Available

Seniors & Military Discount - 10% discount on all new services, not to be combined with any other discounts.

Member of - BNI, WBC.

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